Just another day in the life of a Fat Girl!

So I am sitting in this café in the Midwest and I have a guy sit down next to me. I get up to get a refill on coffee and he looks at me in disgust. I have been accused over the years of being paranoid! Sure society accepts you as you are! What bull. The man took one look at me making my way to the register and boom he was all in distress. I chuckle by this time I am use to it. Whatever I think to myself.. But really let’s ponder this one.

I have a Masters degree and I am going back to for a second one. I have worked at great companies, have published, I am known in my parish and I attend church on regular basis. So why do I need to list my resume. Well it is just because it is funny how your looks define you. I have no problem with men not being attracted to me because of my weight. Let’s face it there have people I found not so attractive. Yet, I don’t give them looks of disgust.

There was an extremely obese man who was also giving looks too. We looked at each other and connected! Nothing new in our world- just another judgmental prick trying to hate on us for being who we really are.


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