Pretty Much Disappointed.

Lately, I have been extremely disappointed in people. I guess maybe I just have massive expectations of people and it is partly my fault. I have done so much for people only to get shit on by others. Well I am done being the person who tries to be the better friend. Pretty much people are just not going to hear from me period. And when they wonder where the hell I went: I hope they remember all the shit I did for them. Like my one friend who inherited a lot of money. I did all this legal stuff for her and she said she would give me a certain amount. She never did. Instead of just telling me the check was never going to be in the mail. She did not. She just went off with her married boyfriend and said the hell with everyone else.

Ah well!


She tried!

My one friend over the years has hitched rides from me to and from the bar. I have always let it slide because she is as old as my mom. But  I am pretty tired of always having to pick her up and drop her off. She makes no mention of anyone else’s safety including her husband’s. Her husband has had multiple heart attacks and one time at the bar he thought he was having one. She was three sheets to the wind and I offered to take him to the hospital. She proceeds to get angry with him and insult him. This guy went above and beyond for mother before she passed. But my friend still expects her husband to drive her drunk ass home.

She has a car why can’t she drive to the bar where we hang out at. Because she does not want to run the risk of getting a DUI but she will let everyone else run the risk. Well I finally said something to her after my mom mentioned it.I think she was a little taken back and then tried to call me.

I bet she will try to give me an earful and I have no ear for it. Drive your ass yourself. I am sick of it.

Some people do not get it.

So I met this new Jewish guy- law student future family court lawyer. We hit it off – great time but he told me he is leaving. I refuse to be an option to someone. He is going back to New York for 6 weeks for an internship. So in that time I am suppose to just wait around. What the hell? Instead of just telling me that he is in no position to start a relationship- he ends up getting mad at me for no reason. Don’t get me wrong- I have made my share of mistakes. But because you are leaving I am just suppose to push the next guy I meet away because of you. Not going to happen.

I said let’s be friends he went ballistic. He then calls today and says he wants to be friends/ Okay am I missing something. Plus that other blog entry has got me thinking. I am not sure why I even posted it – will probably regret it. But who knows.

I guess that it is just that way sometimes.

I am currently housesitting. I am alone with a cat and dog. This house it beautiful and peaceful. I miss my boat in life. I could have been married with a kid and a beautiful house. But I was too stubborn. Not that I wanted to marry T, but I had many chances. I was too young and dumb and worried about a career. Now I have no career and people turn you away because of a masters degree. This one attorney I met at Starbucks said only 5 % of Americans have masters degrees. I am not sure of that figure but it I sure deters one from getting ahead. I have some great interviews but when I get to that part of the education, usually the hiring manager sees it as a threat. They sometimes do not have an undergraduate degree- let alone an advanced degree.