Some people do not get it.

So I met this new Jewish guy- law student future family court lawyer. We hit it off – great time but he told me he is leaving. I refuse to be an option to someone. He is going back to New York for 6 weeks for an internship. So in that time I am suppose to just wait around. What the hell? Instead of just telling me that he is in no position to start a relationship- he ends up getting mad at me for no reason. Don’t get me wrong- I have made my share of mistakes. But because you are leaving I am just suppose to push the next guy I meet away because of you. Not going to happen.

I said let’s be friends he went ballistic. He then calls today and says he wants to be friends/ Okay am I missing something. Plus that other blog entry has got me thinking. I am not sure why I even posted it – will probably regret it. But who knows.


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