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Amazing Connections

So yesterday I finished my research proposal and headed to Lyle’s house. We went to Barnes and Noble then to Steak n Shake. He had just returned from a funeral. Needless to say he was pretty down as I can relate. But I have an amazing connection with him! He is truly a soul friend and good guy! We talked about a lot of movies yesterday and even ordered some.

I am happy to have ended the weekend with my friend!

My turn!

This whole feud has caused me nothing but stress. My blood sugar is very elevated today so much I had to go call the nurse’s health line. I have to watch it tonight and see but I might have to go to the hospital. My blood pressure was 198/103 which is extremely high for a diabetic like myself. I had a panic attack because of all this and I cried to my one friend. All over something that someone could not have just sat down with me, looked me in the eyes, and just said how they felt. Really isn’t that friendship? I don’t get it- this is like The Twilight Zone.


I unblocked someone today because I figured it was not her fault! I tried to tell her my side but it appears I am dumb and wet behind the ears. I am not the one who says one thing to this person and does another. Some of the things this person has told me shocks me. Different conversations and very improper rather digesting actions. Hey that is none of my business.

I was always hoping we could all be friends again as we are not young anymore. But that ship has sailed.

I am an esteemed woman who thinks for herself. The only thing I am guilty of is not being honest with myself. The times I defended you when should not have fail to get acknowledged. I made excuses for you because I felt you were like me, one of the misunderstood ones in this world!

He has nothing to do with this! I came to my own conclusions because I could not in good conscience sit there and makes excuses for you any longer. I tried to get you to look on the bright side of things but nope it was always woe is me. I tried to get you to be proud of who you are, what you put into the world, etc! But all I get was that I am the mean one and the liar.

I am stating this for the last time! I figured out the password on that entry! Believe what you want! I guess all I did does not matter. I will not be this kind again. Anyone who knows me knows I would never be that callous and mean.

First Big Arabic-focused Bookshop Opens in Istanbul

Totally cool!

Arabic Literature (in English)

Last week, Syrian publishers helped open the first major Arabic-focused bookshop in Istanbul, a four-floor, multilingual and multigenre space:

An opening-day photo from the Safahat Facebook page. An opening-day photo from the Pages Facebook page.

The newly opened “Pages” Bookshop is located in the historic Fatih district, close to the Kariye Museum. According to a feature in Publishing Perspectives by Olivia Snaije, more than “2,000 titles will be available in Arabic, Turkish, English, and French in a 210 square-meter space spread over four floors.”

It also boasts a café.

The bookshop is the brainchild of Gulnar Hajo and Samer al-Kadri, founders Bright Fingers children’s publishing house.

Like an estimated 350,000 other Syrian refugees living in Istanbul, Hajo and al-Kadri left Syria with their two daughters, first setting up in Jordan and later moving to Istanbul in 2013. Al-Kadri told Publishing Perspectives that he saw the need to establish a bookshop where books in Arabic were readily available. He told

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I am not sure where to start. But I will address this and be done with it. Life is far too short to be going back and forth. But I wlll tell you this.

I figured the password was my name because I knew the blog was about me. Why you could not have advised me months ago that you suspected me? Why? Why? Why? Rick did not put me up to anything nor did he aid me in any way. I read the blog and I responded. Sorry you feel violated but I feel betrayed. You have not been honest with me for a long time. Even in the beginning of the phone conversation you said you did not suspect it was me. But blog says otherwise. Don’t you have screen captures of other people’s information on your blog including mine?

Thanks for acknowledging my kindness but you are not the one who gets bitched at for all the stuff you did to M.I had to go to the east side post office. I never got paid for gas or wear or tear on my car to help you. She constantly complained how she was going to go to the police if you did not have mail stop coming to her house. But I stood up for you that you tried. She would bitch about me for all the stuff you broke, took from her house when you left, and the money you owe her. Yep I got the brunt of that anger.

Gas costs money and the east side is far away. I am not always able to hop in the car to hang out. And I was there for you too on an emotional basis. Remember that one time you broke down weeping about your dad. I was there for you in that moment and told you I could relate to the pain after losing my sister.

I am not a fair weathered friend and Rick has not put me up to anything. I really don’t know what to tell you. I really tried to be a good friend. I will walk away saying hey I tried to help you. Other that that I am signing off and will not talk about this again.

The nerve!

I have been a pretty good friend to many people! I am not perfect but I try my best! I have my faults like anyone else! I think anyone who knows me knows I would not ever sit there and write a blog about a friend! I do not have the time or energy and if the cops did show up my IP address would not be linked! So I tried to help you see the best in yourself! And I have been more on giving end then recieving! I had or have nothing to do with the blog that writes about you! Getalifemike if you are reading this I am sure you can confirm I had nothing to do with this! If you did suspect me then why be a phony and not shoot from the hip and say it! So annoying! And I do not think Rick is involved for the last time!

Back to work!

So I started my new job. It is going very good. Kind of frustrating figuring out all this payroll stuff. But I did it. My parents are away so the house is so quiet. Work is corporate America but nothing I have not been exposed to. Met a new guy- like him- fingers crossed! Going to the movies with L- the love of my heart. But will never work out. Gotta a lot of stuff to do later.