I unblocked someone today because I figured it was not her fault! I tried to tell her my side but it appears I am dumb and wet behind the ears. I am not the one who says one thing to this person and does another. Some of the things this person has told me shocks me. Different conversations and very improper rather digesting actions. Hey that is none of my business.

I was always hoping we could all be friends again as we are not young anymore. But that ship has sailed.

I am an esteemed woman who thinks for herself. The only thing I am guilty of is not being honest with myself. The times I defended you when should not have fail to get acknowledged. I made excuses for you because I felt you were like me, one of the misunderstood ones in this world!

He has nothing to do with this! I came to my own conclusions because I could not in good conscience sit there and makes excuses for you any longer. I tried to get you to look on the bright side of things but nope it was always woe is me. I tried to get you to be proud of who you are, what you put into the world, etc! But all I get was that I am the mean one and the liar.

I am stating this for the last time! I figured out the password on that entry! Believe what you want! I guess all I did does not matter. I will not be this kind again. Anyone who knows me knows I would never be that callous and mean.


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