My turn!

This whole feud has caused me nothing but stress. My blood sugar is very elevated today so much I had to go call the nurse’s health line. I have to watch it tonight and see but I might have to go to the hospital. My blood pressure was 198/103 which is extremely high for a diabetic like myself. I had a panic attack because of all this and I cried to my one friend. All over something that someone could not have just sat down with me, looked me in the eyes, and just said how they felt. Really isn’t that friendship? I don’t get it- this is like The Twilight Zone.


2 thoughts on “My turn!

  1. I don’t know what to say. I think it’s bullshit that he blames me for your decisions. I have nothing to do with it and it’s still my fault. How do I defend against that? He gives you no credit and gives me a lot of it if he thinks I’m able to pull all these strings. I never had an issue with your friendship with Mike but if this is how he’s going to treat you then I’m glad you’re done with him. I know everything is my fault but whatever. You’re your own woman. Don’t let anyone make you feel differently.


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