The Dishes are Done!

I really did not want to revisit this nonsense! But what is annoying is that a certain person constantly keeps seeking to aggravate me. I have not contacted anyone nor have I bothered you, Like I stated in my previous blog entry I contacted to advise you of mail you recieved. I have my own opinions of how our friendship ended. And frankly I don’t care to rehash the horse putty as it is trival. Like yesterday’s newspapers put in the recycle bin. Old news that no one gives a shit about. For some reason you seem to want to take aim me, Rick, and others. Why? Why don’t you leave us alone and stop being accusatory? I have a full time job, part time graduate school, writing projects, family and friends, volunteer, and church. I have absolutely no time to seek out and try to interfere in your life. To be quite honest I am beyond caring at this point. I wish you well and that is that. Rick has a full time job and other things he is involved with. Really don’t you think it is time you stop? My advice to you is never look in the mirror and point the finger.


Just for clarification

I am not sure where you get off mentioning me on your blog. I have not been in communication with anyone as to regards as to why we are not friends as of recent. You made your own impressions on people that know you from what you have done to people such a M. M asked me to contact you as a favor as to what you received in mail at her place of residence. Even though I did not want to I did it to be polite. So don’t get off saying I am meddling in your business when I have not done anything of the sorts. I have my life to live and I am ┬ádoing great. Do not assume everything is about you. I do not have time for your horse shit or negativity so to speak.