The End

Pretty funny how things go sometime. I kept getting these emails from a former friend’s account. So I simply text them politely I might add asking why and all I received back was rudeness. I honesty did not think it would be such a big deal. I even suggested that there might be spam coming from his email. I did not accuse of sending spam emails nor did I accuse him of anything else. Key points politely suggested. Oh and a former friend turned landlord who he owes a shit ton of back rent stated bill collectors are calling her house. I told her in the past to contact him as I had nothing to say nor did I want to get involved Then something told Me to check his blog and sure enough there it is! A blog entry about nothing that he makes into a big deal. Are you kidding me? It is funny I offered to forward him the email but he makes no reference of that in his blog. And I am a liar when I have proof and even offered to send it to him. Oh and my friend has no right to bitch about getting harassed at her place of residence. We are the ones with the problems. Yes! Keeping tell yourself that.

The hell with your future bullshit. I will never ever speak to you again for the mean and callous man you have turned into! That is final.


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