So my friend was massaging my neck ¬†and she ¬†noticed a bump on the back of my neck. So I then felt it. I went to the doctor and she referred me to a dermatologist. She said she believes it is a cyst but did not like the way it looked or felt. I was getting stressed because none of them offer evening or weekend appointments. So I finally found one who offers Saturdays. I need to for the doctor to determine if it needs to be removed or not, which will be another headache in itself. I am hoping it it a one time remove able. I am hoping I don’t have to schedule a outpatient surgery.


Putting your foot in your mouth.

So after ten months of temping and getting rejected so many times. I found gainful employment. I want a career not just a place to receive a paycheck. I have made some bad choices when it comes to jobs. But I have never blamed anyone but myself, I learn from my experiences and then move on. So today I receive a rude comment from a friend along the lines of how many jobs have you worked since I have known you. Well considering I really started being friends with this person during grad school- maybe three. What’s your point? This guy has been fired from numerous places for making for making inapprioate comments. He has a lot of health problems and other problems. But I have never once made a comment about his problems. So I defend myself by saying this is not the first time he has offended people. He has often been univited to gatherings such a birthday parties and other events due to his crude remarks. I called up L today on the way home from work. I explained but what happened and he sighed. He said sooner or later someone was going to tell him off.

Granted I probably should have not called the guy a prick. But where is the fine line of allowing him to constantly insult people without any recourse? I understand people makes mistakes but time after time he had made disrespectful comments. For example- he made an unwanted advance against to someone’s mom- so unwanted he was not welcomed in the house many years after that. He never seems to get he pisses people off.

If L and I move I together I for sure don’t want him in my house.