Time to clean off this dusty shelf.

Wow- summer of 2016 is wrapping up. As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer( actually I welcome it) things have been hectic. My job is wonderful and I love what I do. I work in the educational field and loved that I have obtained stable employment.

We are short staffed but I have been holding down the fort so to speak. Not to toot my own horn but I have been excelling and shining like a star. It is nice to be part of a great team, love what I do, and receive excellent pay and benefits to boot.

Things with L are amazing- never knew what is was liked to be loved unconditionally. While our relationship is far from perfect- it works. When he holds me- I know I am loved. He went to a convention and came back with a autograph which I will show you! image

That caught me off guard. I was over his house and he said go look over there. And there this beauty was and I will treasure it always. That is true unconditional love if you ask me. I know L is struggling- his lost his sister this year. I bought him this pretty butterfly shadow box with his sister’s name on it. He loved it!

I took classes over the summer and I am close to being done with my second graduate program. Someone asked me if a doctorate is in the cards and the answer is no. I am done with being a  student and know I will go far in my current job. I was advised I am possibly getting a raise and I see a promotion in the near future here hopefully.

I have a call into my friend in Arizona as I would like to come see her in September and then my mom and are off to the Caribbean in October. At times when I became overwhelmed I was like it will be slowing down. Well I need to write another blog as I have to run!


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