Ain’t life a kick in the head!

Life has its ups and downs. But my life is going so good as of late. Work is extremely busy- My former coworker/friend just up and quit. Hate to say this but I think he made an awful mistake. I understand he did what he had to do, but man this company is going places. I wanted to tell him to hang on but he did not want to. See this is where I have changed – I simply keep things to myself. I only hang around excellent people and he was one of them.  I grew tired of people asking for my advice then getting pissed off when I gave it to them. So I simply stopped. I am there for my friends but I have learned to take a back seat. I don’t make up the rules of the world nor am I Dr. Phil. I simply have no time for friends of the road and hanging around an exclusive few has greatly reduced drama and stress. See I have my circle of close friends- and that is who I am open with things. I tell them my problems as well as all the joy in my life. For example, L who I love is my best friend. I feel like sending a thank you note to his exes- he is that amazing. Stubborn and a little too kind. Now that I am in the picture I have told L how I feel. There nothing wrong with helping as we all need help once in a while. But some people take L for granted. I have sympathy for people to a point but L has his own problems. He is deeply hurting from his sister passing and work is exhausting to him. I wish people would do the things for L that he does for others. I guess maybe I am too bias because what I feel is absolute love for the man. I just worry about him because he has needs, wants, problems, dreams, desires, and his own life too.

I have to travel the next three weeks for work. Then I am going to Arizona in September to see my friend and then going on a cruise in October to the Caribbean.  I cannot wait for Fall to get here it is going to be awesome.

I decided to volunteer this fall to help people learn to read. Plus the move is right around the corner- and I am excited I am going to adopt two cats. I have to buy a couch and I have a photo shoot coming up. I decided to hire my friend’s professional photographer friend. It was close to 4oo bucks which includes hair and makeup. I am not even sure what the going rate is for photo shoots but I am fond of her work.

Oh and some random thing. I entered a contest and won a Beligum Cruiser Bike. I have no use for it so I might give it to a charity or an upcoming raffle. I mean I could get money for it and if and when I do I will donate the money. I was going to take that money and put it away for when L and I go on our vacation next year- but if I get around half a grand for it- I would rather give it to charity. Our vacation is far off and I have this one particular charity I support. Well there are several or maybe I will split the money and give it to multiple charities- who really knows. But any chance I get I try to donate to good causes.


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