So I keep seeing the recruiter from the staffing agency I from which I use to work. They are located in the same building as my current employer. Man that recruiter needs to get the stick out of her ass. Someone is bitter. Dirty looks – the stink eye. I finally just smiled at her which I am sure made her livid.  Sorry that when I began to work for you- I told you that it was going to be just that- a temp job. A job to hold me over until I found what I wanted to do. After working at such a hell hope of a place- I was done just working – I want a career.

God forbid I wanted to further myself and find stable employment that affords me excellent compensation and benefits. You should be happy I stayed as long as I did and I did an excellent job. The supervisor on that job said she would have hired me on if she could. I went above and beyond as a temp and you know that. Sorry I can no longer be your data entry commission check bitch- I am an incarnate person meant to change the world. I am working in my field of choice. And I am impacting lives on a daily basis. What are you doing?

Holy shit- I can actually take a vacation out of the country and grasp ( wait for it) get paid for it. I actually can afford to furnish by soon to be new home with nice things. Even if I do buy stuff from the second hand store. I am a lot more modest than some people think. I am a bargain shopper to be honest- I like the finer things but I am always watching for deals. But I am able to live, feel like I am contributing to society, change lives, and do what I want to.

I went out and bought myself a pair of 1 karat diamond earrings. Great deal- excellent quality. I was like screw it. I deserve to treat myself and I did just that.

So to my former recruiter – may you have better days and your bitterness resolve. You are just pissed that you are no longer my superior. Hate to sound rude and hate feeling like this but I am going to say it! Time to get over your little temper tantrum and understand that you placed me in a temp job. I worked temporary for you and then I went out and found a real job. Makes sense?




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