Ahh love.

He says no but I think he did not want to hurt my feelings. I misplaced a business card that L had obtained at the airshow and though he denies it. I think he was pissed. I mean I know he knows it was not intentional but it happens. I emailed the guy asking him for another card. But I went home feeling terrible and guility because I know how much he was upset. Not really anything I can do. I went through my car and up down and threw away some long waiting trash – like old papers and mail. I have more to do but I was in a time crunch. I did throw an old pair of shoes- I have been meaning to pitch. I finally found them in my car and when I was as the gas station- away they went into the trash. I did get a lot of stuff thrown away this week and I shredded a lot of stuff like old legal docs and doctor bills. I have to go through my old clothes and donate some to the City Mission in downtown Cleveland.

Right now I am at work- it is a hot one out here but soon enough fall will be here. I truly look forward to this upcoming time of year. I love the smell of fall air and pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks. I am really digging this history of education class. I even ordered the professor’s book- he lives in Southest, Ohio. Pretty cool guy. I appreciate his feedback and politeness. He said he really appreciates my insight on history and perspectives on education. He even said he knows I will go far in the educational field. I appreciate professors encouraging me like that. Anyway I must run!


Labor Day Weekend!

Had an excellent time with L this weekend. We went to The Cleveland Internatonal Air Show. We walked around and naturally L made friends with a gentleman who owned the infamous Bat Mobile. I took a picture which you can see here.



This guy’s name is Eugene. Nice guy- we liked him a lot. We got a lot of sun and we were both wiped out today. I went for a massage and then came home and just went to sleep. L called asking what I am doing tomorrow but I may just bum around the house. It is nice to be able to relax since I was able to finish my homework earlier this weekend.

Right now the laundry is going and I am just trying to figure out what housework needs to be done. I will probably vacuum and run the dishwasher. Other than that mostly everything is done. I might see if I can get my hair done tomorrow – I usually go to my mom’s friend but for the sake of having to work some more late nights- I might just up the ante to phony up the dough and treat myself to a spa day. My hair needs to be dyed, cut, and my eye brows need to be done. I guess I am high maintenance but hey gotta do what makes me happy

On another note and many disagree- I think Trump will get elected. I know I am for sure not voting for him. My friend turned me on to Gary Johnson- I like his position and will vote for him as a write in. L seems to think Hillary is the answer and I have to admit at first I was for her- but the more I dug the less I found I would want her to represent our great country. I think she is a phony and as much as I would love a female president. She is not the answer.

I am taking a World of History of Education course- and I really do like it. Very interesting and the reading is actually enjoyable. I am more than half way through my program- I believe I have 5 more courses after fall term.

Some of my fall goals are to focus more on on creative writing. I submitted some poems a few days ago. Alas- we will see. Poetry is not something you master – at least to me anyway. It is craft that one has to constantly adapt to- and hone the skill.

The beauty of Cleveland!

  • imageI have a camera I am going to start using again! It takes such beautiful pictures and I figured why not start using it.  I visit many places in downtown Cleveland and found this church . It is so beautiful and I believe this historic church has been there since the late 1890’s if I am not mistaken.

I actually took this picture with my phone but I thought that the picture came out okay. I have to polish my photography skills as it is a beloved hobby I want to revisit. I posted it via Instagram and was surprised at how many of my followers loved my photograph. In life we as humans get so drawn into the day to day hustle – we forget to pause and appreciate the beauty around us. Anyway enjoy!

How I met L.

I am not sure the year- I want to say 2009 but I could very well be mistaken. I met him through a mutual friend who invited me to his film group several times.  I do not talk to this friend any longer as I believe L has not talked to him in a long time as well. Finally I took him up on the offer and there he was the man who I would fall for years later. The first time I met him- I thought he was great. He was a super nice guy. Shortly after that I was given his number and I called L asking if I could ride with him to the movie. I met him at his apartment and we got to know each other a little better. I started going to the movie meetings and L and I started spending more time together. One day he called me out of the blue and asked me to hang out. That’s when our bond was officially formed. We spent many days after that and became fond of each other’s company. I had an attraction long  before I ever was honest with him about it.

It eventually came to a head one day when we just expressed how we felt about each other. It has been history ever since. I saw him last night and it was heaven. We compliment each other and where there is deep rooted love and commitment. We are the best of friends and we have unconditional and everlasting love. He keeps me in check and I keep him in check as well. Here is to the future!