Labor Day Weekend!

Had an excellent time with L this weekend. We went to The Cleveland Internatonal Air Show. We walked around and naturally L made friends with a gentleman who owned the infamous Bat Mobile. I took a picture which you can see here.



This guy’s name is Eugene. Nice guy- we liked him a lot. We got a lot of sun and we were both wiped out today. I went for a massage and then came home and just went to sleep. L called asking what I am doing tomorrow but I may just bum around the house. It is nice to be able to relax since I was able to finish my homework earlier this weekend.

Right now the laundry is going and I am just trying to figure out what housework needs to be done. I will probably vacuum and run the dishwasher. Other than that mostly everything is done. I might see if I can get my hair done tomorrow – I usually go to my mom’s friend but for the sake of having to work some more late nights- I might just up the ante to phony up the dough and treat myself to a spa day. My hair needs to be dyed, cut, and my eye brows need to be done. I guess I am high maintenance but hey gotta do what makes me happy

On another note and many disagree- I think Trump will get elected. I know I am for sure not voting for him. My friend turned me on to Gary Johnson- I like his position and will vote for him as a write in. L seems to think Hillary is the answer and I have to admit at first I was for her- but the more I dug the less I found I would want her to represent our great country. I think she is a phony and as much as I would love a female president. She is not the answer.

I am taking a World of History of Education course- and I really do like it. Very interesting and the reading is actually enjoyable. I am more than half way through my program- I believe I have 5 more courses after fall term.

Some of my fall goals are to focus more on on creative writing. I submitted some poems a few days ago. Alas- we will see. Poetry is not something you master – at least to me anyway. It is craft that one has to constantly adapt to- and hone the skill.


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