Ahh love.

He says no but I think he did not want to hurt my feelings. I misplaced a business card that L had obtained at the airshow and though he denies it. I think he was pissed. I mean I know he knows it was not intentional but it happens. I emailed the guy asking him for another card. But I went home feeling terrible and guility because I know how much he was upset. Not really anything I can do. I went through my car and up down and threw away some long waiting trash – like old papers and mail. I have more to do but I was in a time crunch. I did throw an old pair of shoes- I have been meaning to pitch. I finally found them in my car and when I was as the gas station- away they went into the trash. I did get a lot of stuff thrown away this week and I shredded a lot of stuff like old legal docs and doctor bills. I have to go through my old clothes and donate some to the City Mission in downtown Cleveland.

Right now I am at work- it is a hot one out here but soon enough fall will be here. I truly look forward to this upcoming time of year. I love the smell of fall air and pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks. I am really digging this history of education class. I even ordered the professor’s book- he lives in Southest, Ohio. Pretty cool guy. I appreciate his feedback and politeness. He said he really appreciates my insight on history and perspectives on education. He even said he knows I will go far in the educational field. I appreciate professors encouraging me like that. Anyway I must run!


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