Life is moving right along!

Let me dust off the shelf. Okay that is better. I try so hard to write on my blog but life has been so busy. I am finishing up with my fifth to last class from finishing my second masters. Excited you can say that. It has been a long road and time well spend. The thing about graduate school while attending at least it is never ending. Often many try and I give them props ( hell there were times I thought about giving up) but it is not for everyone. You have to be completely committed and have excellent time management skills. Trust me it is not easy and people often ridicule those who fail out of graduate school. But unless you attend it you would never understand.

The apartment is nice and cozy. I adopted two cats named Rosie and Lily. Love them and they are great company. It is so nice to have a nice two bedroom apartment in the city. I love and embrace urban living. Extremely different from suburbs and I love the living on the east side better than the west side of Cleveland. It has been a work in progress and it took awhile to unpack but nonetheless it is home for now.

Work- Going great as usual. Our busy time is coming up so looking forward to impacting lives and promoting my organization at community events. I am not too sure I will traveling as much as I did last year. Time shall tell! My year review is coming up! Show me the money! I have earned it damn straight!

Well moving also comes with changes in relationships. That is all I will say for now. While you may love someone to the moon and back does not mean you can necessarily be with them. Friends you thought would call and see how you are doing never do. I guess that is life- ah well time to have more coffee and suck it up.

Sleep apnea and chronic pain have been the main bitches in my life. I have a sleep study (again) coming up and I am getting tested for fibromyalgia. I cannot sleep and I am constantly exhausted. So there has been some ups and downs in the health department with minor aggravations. But I am trying to take care of it so I just tell myself that. I am sure I will be getting a cpap machine again yet with a new mask.

Vacations- I have to buy a new car so Europe will have to wait another year. But I am going to Vegas in April. Plus I am not sure where else I will visit. Maybe I will just stay home and absorb the beauty of fall of Cleveland. Plenty of stuff to do here.

Many people ask me if I get lonely living alone. I say no. I mean let’s face it we as humans all get lonely. However, overall I keep myself busy trying to get stuff done or clean my apartment or spend time with my cats. So when I start to feel lonely I try to find something to do or I go to my Iheartradio app and listen to the music of my friends. They help me get through.

Well that is all for now. Does anyone read this?




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