Ain’t life a kick in the head!

Life has its ups and downs. But my life is going so good as of late. Work is extremely busy- My former coworker/friend just up and quit. Hate to say this but I think he made an awful mistake. I understand he did what he had to do, but man this company is going places. I wanted to tell him to hang on but he did not want to. See this is where I have changed – I simply keep things to myself. I only hang around excellent people and he was one of them.  I grew tired of people asking for my advice then getting pissed off when I gave it to them. So I simply stopped. I am there for my friends but I have learned to take a back seat. I don’t make up the rules of the world nor am I Dr. Phil. I simply have no time for friends of the road and hanging around an exclusive few has greatly reduced drama and stress. See I have my circle of close friends- and that is who I am open with things. I tell them my problems as well as all the joy in my life. For example, L who I love is my best friend. I feel like sending a thank you note to his exes- he is that amazing. Stubborn and a little too kind. Now that I am in the picture I have told L how I feel. There nothing wrong with helping as we all need help once in a while. But some people take L for granted. I have sympathy for people to a point but L has his own problems. He is deeply hurting from his sister passing and work is exhausting to him. I wish people would do the things for L that he does for others. I guess maybe I am too bias because what I feel is absolute love for the man. I just worry about him because he has needs, wants, problems, dreams, desires, and his own life too.

I have to travel the next three weeks for work. Then I am going to Arizona in September to see my friend and then going on a cruise in October to the Caribbean.  I cannot wait for Fall to get here it is going to be awesome.

I decided to volunteer this fall to help people learn to read. Plus the move is right around the corner- and I am excited I am going to adopt two cats. I have to buy a couch and I have a photo shoot coming up. I decided to hire my friend’s professional photographer friend. It was close to 4oo bucks which includes hair and makeup. I am not even sure what the going rate is for photo shoots but I am fond of her work.

Oh and some random thing. I entered a contest and won a Beligum Cruiser Bike. I have no use for it so I might give it to a charity or an upcoming raffle. I mean I could get money for it and if and when I do I will donate the money. I was going to take that money and put it away for when L and I go on our vacation next year- but if I get around half a grand for it- I would rather give it to charity. Our vacation is far off and I have this one particular charity I support. Well there are several or maybe I will split the money and give it to multiple charities- who really knows. But any chance I get I try to donate to good causes.


Time to clean off this dusty shelf.

Wow- summer of 2016 is wrapping up. As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer( actually I welcome it) things have been hectic. My job is wonderful and I love what I do. I work in the educational field and loved that I have obtained stable employment.

We are short staffed but I have been holding down the fort so to speak. Not to toot my own horn but I have been excelling and shining like a star. It is nice to be part of a great team, love what I do, and receive excellent pay and benefits to boot.

Things with L are amazing- never knew what is was liked to be loved unconditionally. While our relationship is far from perfect- it works. When he holds me- I know I am loved. He went to a convention and came back with a autograph which I will show you! image

That caught me off guard. I was over his house and he said go look over there. And there this beauty was and I will treasure it always. That is true unconditional love if you ask me. I know L is struggling- his lost his sister this year. I bought him this pretty butterfly shadow box with his sister’s name on it. He loved it!

I took classes over the summer and I am close to being done with my second graduate program. Someone asked me if a doctorate is in the cards and the answer is no. I am done with being a  student and know I will go far in my current job. I was advised I am possibly getting a raise and I see a promotion in the near future here hopefully.

I have a call into my friend in Arizona as I would like to come see her in September and then my mom and are off to the Caribbean in October. At times when I became overwhelmed I was like it will be slowing down. Well I need to write another blog as I have to run!


So my friend was massaging my neck  and she  noticed a bump on the back of my neck. So I then felt it. I went to the doctor and she referred me to a dermatologist. She said she believes it is a cyst but did not like the way it looked or felt. I was getting stressed because none of them offer evening or weekend appointments. So I finally found one who offers Saturdays. I need to for the doctor to determine if it needs to be removed or not, which will be another headache in itself. I am hoping it it a one time remove able. I am hoping I don’t have to schedule a outpatient surgery.

Putting your foot in your mouth.

So after ten months of temping and getting rejected so many times. I found gainful employment. I want a career not just a place to receive a paycheck. I have made some bad choices when it comes to jobs. But I have never blamed anyone but myself, I learn from my experiences and then move on. So today I receive a rude comment from a friend along the lines of how many jobs have you worked since I have known you. Well considering I really started being friends with this person during grad school- maybe three. What’s your point? This guy has been fired from numerous places for making for making inapprioate comments. He has a lot of health problems and other problems. But I have never once made a comment about his problems. So I defend myself by saying this is not the first time he has offended people. He has often been univited to gatherings such a birthday parties and other events due to his crude remarks. I called up L today on the way home from work. I explained but what happened and he sighed. He said sooner or later someone was going to tell him off.

Granted I probably should have not called the guy a prick. But where is the fine line of allowing him to constantly insult people without any recourse? I understand people makes mistakes but time after time he had made disrespectful comments. For example- he made an unwanted advance against to someone’s mom- so unwanted he was not welcomed in the house many years after that. He never seems to get he pisses people off.

If L and I move I together I for sure don’t want him in my house.


I write

So things have been getting pretty dusty on this blog. There are several wonderful things going on as well as there have been some sad things going on.

For one L”s sister passed away. Mom and I went to the wake. It was way far out there but he is worth it. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I love him to pieces and feel so bad that there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. It is never easy when someone’s family members dies. All you can do it offer your love, support, and sympathy and pray for them.

School is going excellent- honor roll hell to the yeah. This degree will align me with so many opportunities. I am excited as I am already half way through. Things just keep moving along so wonderfully.

Friends- how I love my friends. They are terrific. Some are friends of the heart while others are friends of the road. My friends are friends of the heart. I love them to pieces and appreciate them for everything they do.

Moving day is coming sooner than later. Mom’s surgery is coming up and shortly there after I am moving. I hope mom will be okay for her surgery. I have to picked up the table I bought from Kim. It is beautiful. I gotta get with L for next Sunday. Well more blogs to come.



The End

Pretty funny how things go sometime. I kept getting these emails from a former friend’s account. So I simply text them politely I might add asking why and all I received back was rudeness. I honesty did not think it would be such a big deal. I even suggested that there might be spam coming from his email. I did not accuse of sending spam emails nor did I accuse him of anything else. Key points politely suggested. Oh and a former friend turned landlord who he owes a shit ton of back rent stated bill collectors are calling her house. I told her in the past to contact him as I had nothing to say nor did I want to get involved Then something told Me to check his blog and sure enough there it is! A blog entry about nothing that he makes into a big deal. Are you kidding me? It is funny I offered to forward him the email but he makes no reference of that in his blog. And I am a liar when I have proof and even offered to send it to him. Oh and my friend has no right to bitch about getting harassed at her place of residence. We are the ones with the problems. Yes! Keeping tell yourself that.

The hell with your future bullshit. I will never ever speak to you again for the mean and callous man you have turned into! That is final.

Broken Sprit

Well I had another aunt pass away.  I have another wake to go to. Very sad. My sprit has been broken. I was not able to visit Mr. Massaro’s gravesite as of yet. I have a wake tomorrow. I cannot seem to grasp three deaths in 2 weeks. So sad!

The Dishes are Done!

I really did not want to revisit this nonsense! But what is annoying is that a certain person constantly keeps seeking to aggravate me. I have not contacted anyone nor have I bothered you, Like I stated in my previous blog entry I contacted to advise you of mail you recieved. I have my own opinions of how our friendship ended. And frankly I don’t care to rehash the horse putty as it is trival. Like yesterday’s newspapers put in the recycle bin. Old news that no one gives a shit about. For some reason you seem to want to take aim me, Rick, and others. Why? Why don’t you leave us alone and stop being accusatory? I have a full time job, part time graduate school, writing projects, family and friends, volunteer, and church. I have absolutely no time to seek out and try to interfere in your life. To be quite honest I am beyond caring at this point. I wish you well and that is that. Rick has a full time job and other things he is involved with. Really don’t you think it is time you stop? My advice to you is never look in the mirror and point the finger.

Just for clarification

I am not sure where you get off mentioning me on your blog. I have not been in communication with anyone as to regards as to why we are not friends as of recent. You made your own impressions on people that know you from what you have done to people such a M. M asked me to contact you as a favor as to what you received in mail at her place of residence. Even though I did not want to I did it to be polite. So don’t get off saying I am meddling in your business when I have not done anything of the sorts. I have my life to live and I am  doing great. Do not assume everything is about you. I do not have time for your horse shit or negativity so to speak.