I write

So things have been getting pretty dusty on this blog. There are several wonderful things going on as well as there have been some sad things going on.

For one L”s sister passed away. Mom and I went to the wake. It was way far out there but he is worth it. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I love him to pieces and feel so bad that there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. It is never easy when someone’s family members dies. All you can do it offer your love, support, and sympathy and pray for them.

School is going excellent- honor roll hell to the yeah. This degree will align me with so many opportunities. I am excited as I am already half way through. Things just keep moving along so wonderfully.

Friends- how I love my friends. They are terrific. Some are friends of the heart while others are friends of the road. My friends are friends of the heart. I love them to pieces and appreciate them for everything they do.

Moving day is coming sooner than later. Mom’s surgery is coming up and shortly there after I am moving. I hope mom will be okay for her surgery. I have to picked up the table I bought from Kim. It is beautiful. I gotta get with L for next Sunday. Well more blogs to come.




One thought on “I write

  1. You’re a liar! You need to grow up and apologize to me because you haven’t been a good friend like i have been to you. As a matter of fact, you owe me!

    It’s not my fault that the rich pigs and my narcissistic family kept me down! Of course, you already knew that, child!

    You keep telling people at the film group lies about me! I demand you tell them the truth or else I will see you in court for defamation and libel!


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